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Automotive Sales

In October 2018, Auto Renovo Limited signed a sub-dealership agreement with CIG Motors Company Limited to promote market, sell and maintain the GAC brand of vehicles in the South South region of Nigeria.

  • Access to brand new vehicles – GAC Brand
  • Warranty and value retention with our state-of-the-art workshop
  • Timely maintenance – professional work force with customer-oriented focus

Driver Management

Auto Renovo Limited has the ability to manage your entire pool of drivers. Through the provision of well and adequately trained drivers to meet your company's needs. You can be rest assured that your journey management will be second to none.. This service has the following benefits:

  • Having an effective journey planning system in place that is well understood by the drivers
  • Effective driver supervision
  • We have a good driver placement system to meet your desired needs
  • Effective routine training for our drivers to keep them abreast of changing times and technological advancements
  • Use of tracking device to monitor the movement of the drivers and for overall safety of staff, goods and vehicles
  • Proper and effective communication between drivers and management team
  • Proper risk assessment and background checks on all prospective drivers
  • We have a robust driver selection program in place

This process has been proven to save cost and improve man-hours. It takes away the risks involved in driver selection by carrying out proper security checks during the employment process. By out sourcing this service to us, we save you the stress of driver administration so you can dedicate your time and resources to the running of your business.

Vehicle Operating Lease

Auto Renovo Limited provides long, medium- and short-term vehicle lease/rentals to her customers. This ranges from 1 day to 1 month, 1 month to 6 months, 6 months to 1 year and 1 year to 3years as the case may be. You have the option of owning the asset after the lease period. The lease/rental tenure and structure is tailored to meet the client’s specification. This service has the following benefits:

  • Vehicle Acquisition / Financing
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • License and Registration
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Fleet Insurance
  • Fleet Disposal
  • Availability of new vehicles
  • Driver Provision, Training and Management
  • Timely Replacement of Vehicle